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Our platform is here for you and your needs. As a non-profit, we care about your well-being more than anything else.

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Personalised mental healthcare starts here

Every person has different needs and preferences. Our platform matches you with the right mental health professionals, resources, tools, and support from a single platform.

Mental healthcare for people, not for profit

We charge a small fee from therapists for all the great benefits our platform offers. This amount is used to fund access to therapies for those who cannot afford it.


Connect to a purpose

Some of the reasons to join our platform

Online referrals - we do all the marketing & SEO for you.
Flexible working - set your availability, sync calendars.
Automated payments in your bank account within 14 days.
Complete tool box to manage sessions, clients and payments.
Real-time support from real-humans through email, phone and chat.
No monthly subscription fee or fixed contracts.
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Some of the reasons to join our platform

Get matched with three therapists right for your needs.
Free signup, no monthly subscription or fixed contracts.
Free peer support to guide your therapy journey all the way.
Our AI suggests the right therapists, resources and self-help tools.
On demand video, phone, messaging or in-person sessions.
Track your progress, sessions, payments, reports and a lot more.
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