How are we making the difference?

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people we supported would recommend our services to family and friends.

Based on survey responses of 1264 young people and families we supported in year 2022.


of our clients booked more than one session with our peer support team.

Based on survey responses of 1264 young people and families we supported in year 2022.


contacted us through phone and chat for information and signpost services.

Based on our data of year 2022.


Changing the
way we approach mental healthmindset.

We are a technology social enterprise. We develop innovative solutions for the mental wellbeing of children and young people. 

The only reason we exist is to make sure no child with a mental health condition is left behind. We believe everyone should have access to quality mental healthcare, irrespective of race, gender, location, or wealth.

The big questions that inform our products and services are outlined below.

Mental health crisis is a hidden pandemic

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children with a diagnosable mental health condition do not get access to the support they need.


children show some evidence of mental ill health in the United Kingdom.


under 25s per 100,000 population in England hospitalised for self-harm as per NHS statistics.


Billion GBP per year cost of mental health problems to the UK economy, equal to 4.5% of GDP.


Million days’ sick leaves for mental health related issues or 12.7% of the total sick days taken in the UK.


of mental health problems are established by the age of 24 as per USA prevalence study.


How can we beat the stigma around mental illness?

Our society still largely discuss mental illness in hushed tones. This must change. We encourage healthy conversations and provide safe space to speak up without fear or being judged.


How can we get on demand, faster therapeutic interventions?

Technology allows us to reach out more people, faster and at scale. We have built a digital platform that connects clients with providers considering their personal needs and preferences.


How can we simplify the navigation of recovery journey?

We live in the world of information overload. There are plenty of private and public services available. Our peer support workers are ready to guide you in the right directions.


How can we use AI to offer personalised mental healthcare?

Every person is different when it comes to mental health. Using AI, we can understand patterns for better diagnosis and treatment. We work with researchers to build innovative AI tools.


How can we deliver bespoke training and resources for lasting mental wellbeing?

Mental health recovery is a journey, and it needs the right care structure in place. Building useful self-help resources and courses can play a big role for sustainable recovery.


How to support our young employees to prosper without affecting their mental health?

Transition from academic life to work life has its own mental health challenges. We work with organisations to build the rights products, services, and experiences that advance healthcare of young employees.

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