Mental health is a journey.

Our holistic approach offers a pathway to a sustainable wellbeing. Here is our journey and the roadmap for our products and services.

July 2020
Understanding & ACCEPTANCE
Website launched with quality content written by reputable mental health professionals.
Mental health articles
November 2020
Understanding & ACCEPTANCE
First version of our conversational bot went live. This bot helps our users self help and book support sessions.
Self help bot
January 2021
Understanding & ACCEPTANCE
With the DWP grant, we launched our Peer Support Network. Our Peer Support Workers helped over 1600 young people navigate their recovery journey in the year 2021.
Mindsum peer support network
August 2021
Understanding & ACCEPTANCE
Our 'Beat The Stigma' platform goes live. Users can post their queries anonymously and get the answers from qualified therapists for free.
Mindsum beat the stigma platform
January 2022
Diagnosis & treatment
Launched our connecting platform 🎉. Our platform matches clients with the right mental health professionals, resources, tools, and support from a single platform.
Therapies and Counselling
August 2022
Diagnosis & treatment
We aim to develop self assessment and progress tracking tools with the help of mental health professionals and our experience working with young people and their guardians.
Mental health progress tracking
May 2023
Diagnosis & treatment
We have collaborated with the University of Salford to develop an innovative Machine Leaning algorithm to diagnose any comorbid mental health condition through analysing the dialogue between the patient and care givers.
AI Algorithm
March 2024
Sustainable wellbeing
Digital therapeutics is one of the most affordable and effective way to take care of mental and emotional health. It's proven by Stanford University scientists for improving symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Mindsum digital therapeutics
December 2024
Sustainable wellbeing
We plan to develop self-help tools to support our users in the post recovery stage. Research suggests that the right self-help are important for sustainable wellbeing.
Mindsum self help tools
July 2025
Sustainable wellbeing
Virtual Reality holds the psychological and neurological potential to transform lives. We aim to utilise immersive VR experiences for mental, emotional and behavioural care, and support special education needs.
Mindsum Virtual Reality Metaverse
Year 2026 and beyond
Mindsum to develop an ecosystem of integrated mental health products and services that are reliable, human-centric, personalised and digital. This will provide us the foundation to realise our big dream - deliver quality and affordable mental healthcare to every young person on the planet.

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