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We are a technology social enterprise.

We are a nonprofit organisation that uses technology to design and develop products and services for mental healthcare of children and young people.

Every child deserves a meaningful life. Our vision is to build a bright and healthy future for our younger generations. We pledge to do all that we can so that no child with a mental health condition is left behind.

We are passionate about delivering mental healthcare that is holistic, reliable, personalised, integrated and digital.

With technology, we aim to deliver quality and accessible mental healthcare faster and at scale.


A note from our founder

Our reliance on technology is changing our humanity. The smartphones, social media, connected devices and AI – all are shaping our sense of personal identity, our social relationships, and our physical and mental health. We evolved technology, and now technology is evolving us in new ways. 

The technology is developed and controlled by privately held interest groups and powerful corporations. And their main objective is profitability, and in most cases, at the cost of human wellbeing. The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of few technology companies is enormous. Just to comprehend that, Apple, and Amazon, are wealthier than 92% of the countries in the world. 

We believe we can do better. We can build technologies on the foundations of higher ethical and societal standards, instead of manipulations and profits. We can develop a Mental Wellbeing System that can use technology to deliver services free, and irrespective of race, gender, location, and wealth. And this is what we aim for.

Fareed Baloch


Our team is passionate about mental health

(Names in alphabetical order)

Mindsum Advisor Andrew Burman


Andrew Burman
Mindsum Admin Emily Jones


Emily Jones
Mindsum Founder Fareed Baloch

Founder & CEO

Fareed Baloch
Mindsum Advisor Hanif Patel


Hanif Patel
Mindsum Operations Maria Evangelopoulos


Maria Evangelopoulos
Mindsum Advisor Mark Livesey


Mark Livesey
Mindsum Advisor Mike Kendall

Technology Advisor

Matthew Kendall
Mindsum Advisor Natalie Livesey

Training Advisor

Natalie Livesey
Mindsum Media Qurat Ul Ain


Qurat Ul Ain
Sally Judge Mindsum Advisor


Sally Judge


Our volunteers are making a real difference

(Names in alphabetical order)

Mindsum Volunteer Aaron Maes


Aaron Maes
Mindsum Volunteer Ashish Ramuni


Ashish Ramuni
Mindsum Volunteer Caden Li


Caden Li
Mindsum Volunteer Ekta Polra


Ekta Polra
Mindsum Volunteer Kshitij Gupta


Jessy Oblitey
Mindsum Volunteer Kshitij Gupta


Kshitij Gupta
Mindsum Volunteer Manish Binukrishnan

Research Volunteer

Manish Binukrishnan
Mindsum Volunteer Nina Kania


Nina Kania
Mindsum Volunteer Prima Chan


Prima Chan
Mindsum Volunteer Siddhant Jain


Siddhant Jain


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