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We are so excited to have you write for Mindsum. By contributing your blog, you become a part of our mission to offer quality content that add value to the lives of many people.

Writing tips

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Grab the reader’s attention
Use the topic keywords in the first sentence to attract the reader. Using a quote, a question, or a fact can be a good start.
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Start with a goal in mind
Throughout your writing, keep in mind the end goal of your writing piece. Is it to inspire? to educate? to share information?
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Format your write up
Add Interesting title and and subheadings in your piece. It helps users and search engines to understand the content.
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The title should tell a reader what they will be reading about without giving away too much. You can add any keywords in the title.
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Supportive and informational is the best tone to use. Keep in mind the reader you are reaching out to (children, young adults, parents etc.).
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Be authentic
Don't be afraid to show your personality through your writing! It is your personal experience that you are kindly sharing with the readers.
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If you choose to add any data or facts that you have read online, add a hyperlink to that website. This adds credibility to your content.
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We are here to help
If writing it not your strongest skill, reach out to us! We can support you with the selections of topics, any information you may require.

Editorial tools

Read your work out loud
It will help you pick up on things otherwise missed. It also allows you to read your work from the point of view of your readers.
Use a dictionary or thesaurus
We standardise spelling across our websites, so we encourage you to use this online dictionary and handy thesaurus.
Grammarly is a free tool that can check spelling, grammar and syntax. It also suggests the tone and style of writing.
Wordtune is a free editor that helps you to rephrase your sentences, make your content simpler and straightforward.
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